Cooling Power




A Superior Cooling Technology. Period.

Pin fin heat sinks and fan sinks generate exceptional cooling power
Air streams are able to enter the pin array from all directions
Impingement cooling
Pin fins are perfectly structured to operate with a fan on top
Max Flexibility
Parts can be easily modified to fit application specific requirements

Solutions For All Environments

Natural Convection

Natural Convection

  • Flared pin fins deliver exceptional cooling power
  • Combine large surface areas & wide pin spacing
  • Provide minimal resistance to rising air
  • An award winning design (flared technology)
Cross Flow Cooling

Cross Flow Cooling

  • Performance (+), pressure drop (-)
  • Air streams can enter from all directions
  • Round pins present low resistance to the air
  • Solutions for low, moderate & high airspeeds
Impingement Cooling

Impingement Cooling

  • Fan on top: Produce a 20 percent premium
  • Balanced heat distribution along the base
  • High power fan sinks for max performance
  • Low profile fan sinks for single & dual slots
Pin Fin Characteristics

Pin Fin Characteristics

  • Round pins present minimal resistance to incoming air streams
  • Incoming air streams can enter from all directions (omnidirectional)
  • Round pins generate extensive air turbulence
  • Feature large surface areas per given volume
  • Composed of highly conductive alloys